Extraterrestrial-like UFO on White House Christmas Card

On Sunday, December 18, 2011, a woman named Dawn who hails from Pine Ridge in South Dakota claimed she received an official White House Christmas card from Michelle Obama that prominently featured a UFO in the sky above a winter White House scene.

She believes her card is from the original photo which was mailed out by accident and the one she compares it to is on the internet and the UFO is gone. That makes sense if they caught the UFO late after some Christmas cards had already been mailed out. Merry Christmas from the Obama's and Aliens. I like it!

And then we wonder, is President Obama trying to send a season greetings to his personal friends, the same ones that caused the swirling blue wormhole to appear in the sky above all of Norway the same day as Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway (Dec 2009)…   the aliens way of congratulating him. It really makes you wonder, is Obama one of them?

Internet site reference: http://scottcwaring.blogspot.com


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