Walmart in India: The Tyranny of Capitalism

Walmart India has shown the worst corporate tactics to increase its profit levels. Walmart internationally has always exploited people from the beginning. Walmart’s capitalistocrats seeks to totally take over and smother “the market” it seeks to enter. It thrives on the concept of “Sustainable Exploitation”. This is a concept created by the monstrous global elites who seek to cultivate the world to suit their empty greedy hearts.

Walmart India has powerful influence in many governments of the countries it has established itself in.

India has become another example, where the politicians have been bought off and media has been paid off to show the best sides of this corporate beast.

If we open any media channel in India, they have only talked about the positives of this organization and leaving out negatives such as exploitation of labour in Bangladesh and China.

The below video of Walmart India clearly shows the true model that they have used to exploit the people of the world to keep the flow of funds only towards their own banks.

Watmart’s principal owners of capital work toward their own commercial profit maximization and the rest of the world can go to hell. This is their poisonous corporate ideology that has driven this company for years. They own the political system to suppress the people who try to stand up against them. They create deceptive advertisements to control the thoughts of people who are not aware of their dark corporate policies.

There is no future, if you do not stand up against the exploitation done by people like them. Their never ending greed will take away your future, and there will only be despair left behind. The time to act is now, and make sure such monsters do not corrupt your world further. They have to be stopped at all costs, before their demonic roots go in deeper.

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