First Nations Insight: Monarchy still rules America -- The False Flag War of Independence


Was the American Revolution an elaborate charade created by the British Monarchy, which continues to rule America through elites?  Does the British Empire continue through archons in Washington D.C.?  Why do American Presidents tend to trace their ancestry to the British Royal Family?

Many people have woken up to the military tactic known as False Flag ( . That is where the “attack” upon them, was by their own doing to create a conflict. It is a well known fact that the Vietnam war was created by such an event called “Gulf Of Tonkin” incident. Many people are starting to see the events in NY on 9/11/01 as another such event. There has been sufficient evidence to also call the incidents at Sarajevo in 1914 and Pearl Harbor in 1941 false flags. So when was the first engineered war? The first false flag was called “The American Revolution”. The story we have all been told is more like a fairytale with Washington fighting and running away from the British for 3 years towing his ragtag army.

In 1778 the biggest army yet raised by the Americans was 1000 men. In 1779 while the British parked their ships in Quebec and took the year off, the Americans raised an army of 12,800 men and marched on Onondaga, the capital of the Iroquois confederacy. They had one mission; Put out the fire and destroy the constitution of peace. They laid waste to the land and stole everything and then created the “American constitution” which is a pale comparison to the true democratic principles embedded in Kayanerakowa.

They put up a fake border for the “colonists” but the same families have always ruled both sides of the pretend border. The American constitution is a deception and only for the hierarchal ruling elite to continue their unending wars. They turned the constitution of peace into the constitution of war; with the removal of the council of women and replacement with the senate. To negate it all they added a hierarchal president over top, like the capstone on the pyramid. It is the constitution of war, as America’s history shows. In the Secret Covenant of the bloodline they state “so grand will the illusion of freedom be, they will not even know they are our slaves”

When Captain General Sir Frederic Haldimand signed Royal Proclamation 1784 he created a protectorate area for the Mohawk people because of their involvement in the war. He concocted this order with “Captain Brant” of the British army. Captain Brant was a 33rd degree Freemason and never was he a chief of anything other than deception. He was formally removed from the Rotinosoni in 1804 and the British were properly notified with an order signed by 50 chiefs of the confederacy.

So what was the Mohawk involvement? We left our homeland and have not been to Onondaga since the revolution, so we allow the illusion to continue. When the Mohawk return to Onondaga to stand up the tree of peace again, the people will finally be free of this cardboard replacement and we will continue on in peace, as per Kayanerakowa. Will the British Generals follow this order now, as laid down by the highest ranking General in the history of the British military? If they do not it signals the end of the empire, as history has shown. Their next false flag has been planned for awhile now and it will be their last great attempt at mass deception. The people are not buying the lies anymore and in the end the truth wins. "When you first decide to deceive, oh what a tangled web you weave"

Unity, Strength, Peace,


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