U.S. Empire expands the surveillance apparatus continuously

Surveillance software uses more than 700 servers around the world

Governments have a habit of lying when caught in political obsession to pry the lives of citizens everywhere, to ensure the pretext of "national security." The case of James Clapper, director of the intelligence services of the United States, is exemplary...

On Tuesday, March 12, he was challenged by Democrat Ron Wyden (Oregon) Intelligence Committee in the Senate. Wyden asked Clapper to be aa personal communications agency spying inside American borders:

- The NSA is collecting any data million or 100 million Americans?

- No, sir - said Clapper.

Clapper insisted that version the following 98 days, including three weeks after the newspaper "The Guardian" revealed the program Prism and access to clients' accounts from Verizon. Capitulated on Friday, June 21, realizing the risk of proceedings for perjury. Sent a letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which reads: "My answer was clearly wrong - so, I apologize. I can now say openly what is right, because the existence of the program metadata collection was disqualified. "

Clapper certainly not realize it, but your confirmation letter with explicit mea culpa was a birthday present for the "target" of the largest manhunt undertaken by the NSA at the time: that day, Snowden turned 30.

'Informant without limits'

Internal documents indicate that the NSA's data collections in Brazil and other countries have been carried out with a computer program designed to spy from the points of connection of this road is the global Internet. The agency gave this software the codename of Fairview. There is only applied in routine interceptions digital signals.

Other software is known as X-Keyscore. It uses over 700 servers worldwide. It is applied in operations on Brazil and more hundred and fifty countries, according to internal documents of the agency. Allows, for example, tracking messages sent from Brazil in English, Arabic or Chinese, as well as electronic correspondence written in Portuguese, Russian or German. Multipurpose tool is useful for a spy, a room in Brasilia, Bogotá or Washington, is committed to following the footsteps of his "target" around the world - including in real time, for example, when he is looking at Google Maps address any avenue in Tehran. More than 300 suspected terrorists have been "captured using intelligence generated by X-Keyscore," the agency said. You can not, however, confirm this information.

The war on terror on a global scale has been the permanent political justification for expanding investments in cyber espionage, directed to a private complex, flourishing and billionaire. For the NSA, the result is expressed in constant improvements, such as the program Boundless Informant ("reporter without limitation", translation). In an internal presentation in July 2012, the agency describes the benefits of the program: "It uses the technology of Big Data in the cloud to collect signals and produce near real-time information." Then there is a topic called "key questions", with the following questions: "How many records are collected per unit (one foreign satellite) or country? Assets that collect against a specific country? "

The Boundless Informant tracks emails (classified under the symbol DNI) and phone calls (classified with the acronym DNR). In March 2013, the staple of phone calls and electronic messages through this program reached the amount of 3 billion in the United States. There is no way to determine the number of traces that occurred in Brazil, although it is reasonable to assume that exceeded - a lot - the home of million. On the map, in colour scale that determines the amount of intercepted material, the agency finds the Brazil after the United States. It is the priority of the NSA spying in Latin America.


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