Calls Mount for Robert De Niro to Resign From Tribeca After Betraying His Own Autistic Child in Censoring VAXXED Documentary Film

After being maliciously attacked by a coordinated mainstream media campaign designed to censor a powerful new documentary, Robert De Niro is now facing a tidal wave of backlash from parents of autistic children who have been damaged by vaccines.

Originally hailed as a champion of free speech for his willingness to preview the VAXXED documentary at Tribeca, De Niro is now being widely condemned for turning his back on his own autistic child who was likely vaccine damaged to begin with.


Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM, is among those who are calling for Robert De Niro to resign from his position at TriBeca Film Festival after pulling Dr. Wakefield's documentary, Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe.

"De Niro released a statement citing his child's autism as the reason to allow the conversation to happen when he defended Wakefield's film. To turn his back on it afterwards due to advertisers or pharmaceutical influences is a grave injustice and insult to parents of autistic children everywhere. He should resign as this is inexcusable."

Robert De Niro was obviously threatened into censoring the groundbreaking film, as he reversed his support for the film only after taking part in a secret meeting with "scientific advisors" who obviously have undisclosed financial ties to the vaccine industry. De Niro has so far failed to release the names of these "scientific advisors" or to disclose what they said to him that caused him to censor the film.

Given that the vaccine industry is well known to be steeped in criminality, the exploitation of children for illegal medical experiments, the widespread criminal bribery of doctors across America and systematic scientific fraud in clinical studies, it can now be reasonably asked what sort of threats were brought against Robert De Niro to force him into silencing the VAXXED documentary.

Was De Niro death threated? Threatened with being professionally destroyed? Were threats leveled against his wife and autistic child? The answers to these questions are not yet clear, but what is obvious is that Robert De Niro is not the man he plays in his films. His actions so far reveal that he has no real backbone, no courage and no desire to protect free speech of independent filmmakers.

Robert De Niro is destroying the credibility of the Tribeca Film Festival by betraying free speech for filmmakers

The backlash is already mounting across social media and the independent media. Sadly, De Niro now finds himself inside a firestorm of malicious mainstream media journalism that has been coordinated by the vaccine industry itself (yes, the media obediently follows all orders from the CDC). Their goal is to threaten, intimidate and slander De Niro into censoring all films that attempt to open a discussion about vaccine science, safety and evidence.

Yet unless De Niro reverses his decision and allows this film to be seen, he will have destroyed the credibility of the Tribeca Film Festival and participated in a vicious assault on the free speech of independent filmmakers who have extraordinary contributions to offer to society. What De Niro has now done is being widely equated to a Nazi-style book burning, invoking the long history of government oppression against free speech that challenged establishment narratives on many topics.

Which path will De Niro choose? Freedom of speech, or state-run censorship of indy films that dare to ask powerful questions of the establishment? The very future (and credibility) of Tribeca will depend on his decision. Robert De Niro is either a man who values free speech, or an unwitting pawn of an industry that systematically maims and murders children for profit while censoring films that help expose the truth.

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