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Theresa May, Britain’s New Prime Minister

Britain once again made history on 13th July 2016 when they elected the second female Prime Minister, Theresa May.  Ms. May was sworn in and immediately met with the Queen who asked her to form a government. The bold new Prime Minister has just taken office when Britain is under serious economic instability and its unity under threat as calls for Scottish independence escalates.

It is believed that her religious Anglican upbringing and Roman Catholic schooling is what has given her a moral base and steady personality as well as a feeling for those who are at disadvantage. “Her background has shaped her into somebody who is not going to feel sorry for herself or blame others for her mistakes and find solace in moving forward, not to sit but to fit, ” said Ms. Meyer, who worked with Ms. May on a charity for abducted children.

Known to be a hard worker and determined she is set with the task to unite a torn party and country following the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. She is also respected and admired within the European Union, qualities that may give her partial access, if she can manage, to the single market of the European Union. She will also have to find the right balance on immigration that the voters highly demanded.

Her lack of set of friends also makes her decision and choices to form a better government even easier, with lack of any personal priorities and assessments.

She has so far managed to help push some reforms and acts in Britain ever since she joined parliament back in 1997. She also helped spear head the controversial Snooper’s charter, which gave police and security service new powers in a world of digital communication and not to forget terrorism. Although changes were later made as the act imposed too much on civil liberties and individual rights.

She has also been compared to Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany not only for their personal traits but also on their work and what they have both contributed to their countries.


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