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Terrorism: Dreadful attack in Nice at Bastille Day Celebrations

Dreadful attack in Nice at Bastille Day Celebrations

National Day Celebrations of France got ruined after the death of several citizens in a lorry attack. This attack marked death of at least 84people and several injured just within a nick of time. A big lorry just slammed through the crowd, where they were busy celebrating Bastille Day with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Driver shot dead by police after he ploughed on for 2km. Many witnesses said that lorry was going in a wrong way and trying to hit more and more people on the way. Bodies were scattered on the road and presenting the picture of cruelty. Sadness has spread among the entire country after this extremely tragic attack. Nobody would have thought about this horrible massacre that left number of people in agony and discomfort.

President of France has visited the spot and said “The attack was an undeniable terrorist nature and France as a whole is under the threat of Islamic terrorism”. He further mentioned that he would extend the state of emergency for next 3months as it was due to end this July 26. France has been under threat of terror attacks since last November, 2015, when number of people lost their lives in deadly suicide attack by the militants of so-called Islamic state. It was the time, when whole world stand beside France after such terrible attack. Every human lover would always condemn this brutality.   

One of the witnesses said, “We were about to put away our camera when we saw a huge white truck plough into the crowd. We could hear the awful thump every time a body hit the vehicle. One man was literally thrown in to the air just right in front of us while a group of teenagers were trying to hide on the beach”.

Many political and religious leaders across the globe condemned all such attacks and expressed their condolence to the families of victims. Pope Francis also condemned the attack while saying, “I pray for the victims of the attack in Nice and their families. I ask God to convert the hearts of the violent blinded by hate”.


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