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Fort Myers Shooting: Two Black Teens Dead

Another tragic shooting in Florida and this time two promising teens with a bright future ahead of them were brutally gunned down in what seems like a lost course in the fight against gun control in the country.

The two talented basketball players were shot on Monday outside Club Blu, Fort Myers when gunmen started shooting around for reasons that are yet to be identified.

Stefan Strawder, 18 and Sean Archilles, 14 now fall among the countless number of victims of gun violence alone. There were also other 18 people between the age of 12 and 27 who were injured at the scene of the crime.  A spokesman for Lee Memorial Hospital, Pat Dolce said that two patients were in critical conditions and only one was in a fair condition.

Archilles died on the spot while Strawder made it to the hospital and only died shortly after going into surgery.

"When they took him into the operating room, they said it was gonna take two to three ours. Within 30-45 minutes later, here she comes. So we knew it had to be bad news," said Stephanie White.  "That was a devastating blow.” She also added that her son had quiet a number of colleges looking at him and everyone knew him as the shooter.

Archilles was also a basketball player who also happened to be involved in youth ministry. His father described him as funny. "He’s always joking,” he said.

Florida Governor, Rick Scott has expressed his horror in the latest shootings in his State and has promised to bring justice to the affected families by making sure that the culprits are dealt with by the law. "The first thing you think about is as a parent or grandparent, you can’t imagine this happening to any family," he said.

So far three suspects have been taken into custody but police are still looking for more. Talking to eye witnesses, one security guard at Club Blu said it stemmed from a dispute over a rapper not being able to perform. "It wasn’t targeted, terrorist or gays or anything like that. It wasn’t black or white situation. It was an idiot. An idiot with a firearm," she said.


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