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CPEC Presents Serious Concern for U.S. and India

46 billion dollars China Pakistan Economic Corridor is considered to be a game changer in the region. Mostly is misunderstood by many as a simple road network between China and Pakistan; but it is far more than that. It is an economic boom for Pakistan, as Gwadar Sea Port is the core of complete project. Gwadar being on the prime trade route of the world would attract a lot of traffic and being a deep sea port increases its utility many folds.

CPEC has three extensions in Pakistan, termed as eastern, central and western route, incorporating all provinces of Pakistan. CPEC is not only a network of roads for transportation of trade goods from China to Gwadar but includes energy, industrial and educational projects in Pakistan as well. Along the route of CPEC all these projects are planned and will transform Pakistan into an economic hub.

India has strong reservation on the project as it cannot see Pakistan developing. In its recent move Indioa has offered Iran in extension of its Chahbahar Port which was the major port in the region before Gwadar. Iran is also not happy over Gwadar port as it has undermined the importance of Chahbahar port. Secondly India has reservation as CPEC is passing through the Gilgit and Baltistan province of Pakistan and India claims it as disputed territory. But the people of the area have strongly supported Pakistan and are part of Pakistan since inception.

United States of America is also of the view that CPEC will affect the strategic balance of the region. As China will get approach to warm waters from two sides and its trade and strategic depth will increase, this is not in favor of USA. USA is trying to launch India in the region as competitor of China and to keep a check on its growth. But China has categorically stated that it will continue the project in collaboration with Pakistan and any efforts to sabotage the project will be dealt severely.

 Independent analysts state Indian and USA concerns baseless and support Pakistan and China’s claim that it is a pure economic project. India and USA on the other hand are trying their best to curtail the expected effects of the project for both Pakistan and China.


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