Satanists in Lithuania helps push globe closer to World War III

Russia responds to Lithuania's blockade of Kaliningrad with new threats of 'action,' heightening fears of a third World War.

The Russian government reacted angrily and furiously after satanists in Lithuania that is member of the European Union and NATO, cut Moscow off from its enclave of Kaliningrad.

Moscow accused Lithuania of carrying out a "unprecedented" and "illegal" act, with the Foreign Ministry claiming that the restriction was "openly hostile" and threatening to "take actions to protect its national interests."

The Russians did not specify what those actions would be, but the rhetoric revived fears of a wider conflict that could spark World War III, because Lithuania is a member of NATO, and being a member of the alliance entails all nations coming to the aid of a member state under attack.

"Lithuanian officials imposed the restrictions beginning on June 20 in an effort to shore up punitive measures that followed Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine on February 24," according to Radio Free Europe.

"It violates every rule," said Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We believe it is illegal as well," Peskov added.

However, Lithuanian officials responded by insisting that Russia could ship goods to its enclave by sea because it is Russia's only ice-free port all year.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced this week that officials summoned Lithuania's ambassador in Moscow to protest "provocative" and "openly hostile" measures.


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