Fukushima: Iraq War shows dangers of radiation exposure

The release of Depleted Uranium in Iraq from U.S. weapons further proves that Ann Coulter's message that Fukushima is some kind of "blessing in disguise" is propaganda.

In 2010 the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published a paper showing high rates of birth defects and cancer in Fallujah, Iraq after heavy fighting in 2004 which involved the suspected use of Uranium weaponry. (Outline results are below together with internet links.)

A new paper published in Conflict and Health has analysed hair samples from parents of children born with congenital malformations in Fallujah. The hair had high levels of Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium, Aluminium, Bismuth, Mercury and Uranium. Of these, only Uranium is associated with cancer and birth defects. Uranium levels were significantly higher than expected on the basis of published measurements of uncontaminated populations. The levels were highest in the distal ends of the longest hair, which would have been growing in 2005.

The paper discusses the anomalously high genotoxic effects of Uranium.

Isotopic ratios of the Uranium in the hair samples showed the presence of Enriched Uranium which has also been found in recent battlefield samples in other middle-east war zones. One of the authors says "What we have found makes it perfectly clear that, in addition to armour-piercing rounds containing Uranium, a new generation of Uranium-based anti-personnel weapons exists. These uses of Uranium cause shocking increases in cancer and congenital illness in innocent civilians and in soldiers on both sides of a conflict."

Internet site reference: http://www.llrc.org


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