Pet Nutrition: Four steps to feed your Cat and Dog

(NC) — A recent study conducted by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and Hill's Pet Nutrition found that the most common advice veterinarians offer pet owners during routine examinations surrounds nutrition, weight loss and weight control.

By following these key steps you can help ensure your pet receives the right nutrients to help maintain a healthy weight for a happy and long life.

1. Consult with your veterinarian on the best feeding schedule/method. Examples include: free choice (making food available at all times); time-limited feeding (food is made available to your pet for a limited time); and meal feeding (a measured amount of food is made available to your pet at specific times each day).

2. Regularly weigh your pet and evaluate his or her physical condition every two to three weeks.

3. If appropriate, consider a designated light pet food, such as Hill's Science Diet Light.

4. Have your veterinarian evaluate your pet's physical condition every few months. For some pets, your veterinarian may suggest more frequent evaluations.

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