Halifax: Healthy Eaters workshop supports local Parents

(WireService.ca) -- Wendy McCallum, local nutritional consultant and owner of Simple Balance, will host her will present her popular Raising Healthy Eaters workshop for Halifax parents on March 27.

Local nutritional consultant Wendy McCallum, owner of Simple Balance, is bringing back her popular workshop, Raising Healthy Eaters, for Halifax parents. The presentation will take place on Tuesday, March 27, from 7:30-8:45 p.m. in Bedford.

During the workshop, Halifax parents will be introduced to all the tools they need to help them make great choices for family food, get their kids actually to eat and enjoy it, and instill healthy habits in their children.

Wendy understands that many busy Halifax parents struggle both with knowing how to choose foods as well as how to successfully incorporate them into a family’s regular diet.

According to McCallum, “Healthy food habits are some of the most important tools we can provide our children, but transitioning your family to a more whole foods, less processed diet can be daunting and challenging.”

During her workshop, she will address these challenges by providing workable, manageable strategies for getting the whole family on a healthier track. Halifax parents will also learn some “kid-tested” recipes to help get them started on introducing healthier foods into their children’s diets.

The Raising Healthy Eaters workshop will be held by Wendy McCallum at Oxford Learning Bedford, located at 540 Southgate Drive, Suite 203. For more information or to register, Halifax parents can visit the Simple Balance website: http://www.simple-balance.ca.


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