Wedding Centrepieces: How to personalize

(NC)—Extravagant centrepieces can be nice, but aren't necessary. You may have attended a wedding where the centrepiece impaired guests from talking with each other or from seeing what is happening on stage. Or perhaps it had so many elements that you wondered how the couple could afford them. If you're preparing for your wedding, consider creating centerpieces that reflect who you and your spouse-to-be really are, without breaking the bank.

For the eco-friendly couple: sticks and stones. Forgo the regular bouquet of flowers and arrange sticks, stones, and beeswax candles to create a calm, organic feel at the table.

For the do-gooder couple: promote your cause. In lieu of centrepieces, make a donation to a charity that you and your spouse-to-be support. Place cards at each table that explain why you support the charity and what the money will provide. Organizations like Christian Children's Fund of Canada ( can give you some ideas on gift items that help impoverished children around the world.

For the “lovey-dovey” couple:poetry and photos. Showcase your favourite romantic quotes and poems with framed photos from your childhood, teenage years, and adulthood. You can put different photos at every table to get your guests to move around and mingle.

For the contemplative couple: books or DVDs. Select two books, documentaries, or DVDs that you and your spouse-to-be enjoy or that convey a certain message. Wrap the two items in a ribbon and give them away as a prize to guests at each table towards the end of the night.


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