Human rights activists pursue Letter-Writing Marathon

(NC) — It's the biggest event of the year for human rights supporters—a global letter-writing marathon called Write for Rights ( Held for the past ten years, it is fun, inspiring, and above all it's about supporting human rights.

Write for Rights takes place on December 10 — International Human Rights Day — but now is the right time to start planning your own event.

Thousands of people — students in universities, people at home, schools, workplace lunchrooms and faith communities — will sit down, alone or in small groups, and write letters aimed at stopping human rights violations to governments around the world.

Why write a letter?

Because it works. It shows a government that you are concerned about an individual at risk and are prepared to write a letter about it. Many people write letters and the cumulative effect is powerful. For individual participants, they find that writing a letter teaches them about human rights and that taking a simple action empowers them. “I loved it!” “It's so exciting to be doing this with people around the world.” “What a terrific experience for people in our school.” For some people, writing letters to protect people's human rights may seem impossible. But it makes a difference.

Getting involved

Members of Amnesty International, the global human rights organization, are the driving force behind the event, which each year breaks a new record for participation. Information about taking part in the event is available by contacting


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