Pets: Top health tips

(NC) — SuperDogs is an entertaining, family-oriented live show that has been touring North America for more than 35 years, where the dogs run, jump, dance and play to the delight of the audience. Each one is a family pet of the cast members and a large portion of the dogs were adopted from rescue shelters.

The team trainers know first-hand the impact that health and nutrition have on a pet's well-being. Phil Shuchat, president and CEO of SuperDogs, offers the following tips to help keep your pets purring or their tails wagging.

Commit to regular veterinary checkups – Just like people need regular medical checkups, your pets need an annual visit to a veterinarian. Regular vet appointments monitor overall health and act as preventative measures. A vet will ensure vaccinations are up to date and can help to detect any issues in their early stages.

Make time for exercise – We can all benefit from daily exercise and your pet is no exception. To fit it into your schedule, make it part of your family's daily routine. Going for an enjoyable walk in the evening, having play time in the house with toys or learning new tricks can be fun for the whole family.

Check their smile – The state of your pet's mouth can be an indicator of their overall health. Look out for things such as bad breath, swelling, discoloured gums, drooling and loose teeth.

Select the best food – Read nutritional profiles on the pet food to help determine its quality. Look for animal protein as the first ingredient; fruits and vegetables; whole grains; prebiotics or probiotics to aid with digestion; as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for their skin and coat. Products should be formulated without artificial flavour, colour, or artificial preservatives, like PC Nutrition First pet food.

Offer mental stimulation – Sometimes destructive behaviour can be the result of a bored or unhappy pet. It's important to provide regular mental stimulation. Try teaching a few tricks, switching up their toys weekly, or leaving the radio on when you're away.

Is your furry pet the baby of the household, or even the queen (or king) of the castle? According to a recent survey conducted by the team behind the PC Nutrition First pet food brand, 95 per cent of Canadians consider their pet to be part of the family—and often, a very big part of the family.


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