Newcomers Get Quick Info About Canada Online

(NC) -- It can be a challenge for new Canadians to find out basic information in their chosen country. This involves navigating a new lifestyle system, learning about community services, as well as where, and how, to seek support. Help has arrived however.

“For new Canadians, it's so important to become quickly connected to the available services and to community support after arriving in the country,” says Julia Oosterman, the director of communications and stakeholder relations at Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre (CCAC). “Having information that is easily found in a single repository makes the transition much less stressful.”

Oosterman explains that those who are new to the city are now able to access a “one-stop shop” of information and resources. Offered by the Toronto Central CCAC, the website ( hosts the Newcomer Child and Family Health Libraries, a complete repository of information that offers details about accessing healthcare services in Ontario. The libraries provide maternal and child health information as well as details about specific programs and services that would be of interest to those who are new to the city.

Finding basic healthcare information, how to access it and what is available can be especially trying for newcomers, particularly for those who are moving into larger cities that appear to have a multitude of services for various groups. The new website gives quick and easy answers.

The libraries are specifically geared to answer the most common questions regarding local health and community-based services,” Oosterman points out. “The user-friendly format and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the site make it a popular resource for newcomers.”

Information found on the website includes general health information for individuals, parents and families as well as specific links and details about community services.


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