Newborn As Mandrake in Harry Potter-Themed Photo Shoot Goes Viral

Lune de la Rogue Photography

Natural Light Photographer based in the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon

These parents from Oregon--who happen to be great fans of the Harry Potter series--love the wizarding books so much that they chose the literary theme for their precious newborn photos of their son, Theodore.

“My wife has an ingenious creative mind, and came up with this the idea alongside our photographer,” Jesse told ABC News of the inspiration for the pictures. “Both my wife and I really enjoy the [Harry Potter] books and movies and we look forward to being able to read them to our children as they grow older.”

Their firstborn son, Sebastian, also stars in the photos sporting the Harry Potter costume alongside his baby brother, who was only 4 days old at the time of the shoot.

“Sebastian didn't really want anything to do with his brother or the photos until he got to dress up in costume, at which point we were able to at least get him to sit still for a moment,” the proud dad explained. “The look on his face in the image is completely authentic as he watched his little brother begin to cry out.”

The photographer, Kelsey Clouse (Lune de la Rogue Photography), was able to capture the moment perfectly in her camera, and when she uploaded the pictures on her Facebook page, it went instantly viral.

The picture has got 89k shares so far, and still counting.



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