DIY: Tips to Clean Your Car the Right Way

Owning a set of wheels is a big responsibility and maintaining it the right way is often not an easy task. Anyone can buy a car, but not everyone is committed to  keeping it squeaky clean all the time. As a car driver, you need to understand that your car is a representation of your personality and driving an unclean car can negatively reflect on you.
Here are a few clever techniques to give your car that brand new showroom look:


This may be a little hard to believe, but one of the best homemade cleaning detergents is vodka mixed with water and dishwashing soap. This secret concoction can be used to clean and shine your windows and to fill your windshield washer. The next time you work the wipers with this fluid cocktail, you can expect a near-transparent windscreen. 


You’ve probably heard the story about putting a broken tooth inside a glass of Coca Cola or Pepsi and how it dissolves overnight. Well, that story holds true because such fizzy drinks have a high pH which helps in dissolving hard compounds and material.
After heavy rains, you will notice that there is an obscurity and haze present in your windshield mirror which is not going away from anything. Under those circumstances, use coke to wipe clean your glass as the carbonate present in the drink will help in removing the dirt particles that are stuck. But be careful to wipe clean the drink after you have used it on your windows and keep it far away from your paint job because the fizz actually corrodes paint as well.


Are your headlights projecting dull rays even after replacing the bulbs? Try this: take a toothbrush and some toothpaste, and vigorously rub over your headlights as well as brake lights. Leave it on for half an hour and see how your head and tail lights will look as good as new. This process is known as buffing and whilst car washers charge hefty amounts for it, you can easily get the job done at home.
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