Top Ways to Transform Yourself This New Year

The New Year is one that is usually celebrated with a lot of fuss, mainly because most people would like to associate the New Year with something new about themselves, as well. This is why it is also during the New Year that people excitedly think of and formulate so-called resolutions for themselves, things that they’re willing to do, or to stop doing, if only to become better human beings in the coming year.

But of course, everyone knows the story of the Failed Resolution. Despite the headstart that the first few weeks (or days?) gives you, sooner or later, that headstart is going to fade away into nothingness, and eventually, you’re going to fall back into the same person you were the year before. What do you need then? You don’t need a resolution. You need consistency.

Steps to Become More Consistent This Year

The first thing you have to do is to keep track of your commitments. There may be a lot of things and tasks which you need to accomplish before the day ends. How do you do this? There are a lot of ways which can help you to do this – try a sticky note, or a colorful to-do list that allows you to tick off some boxes, or maybe even some fridge magnets. Whatever it takes to get you going without feeling stressed, do it.

Second, you have to have a strict morning routine. Are you determined to look better in the New Year and beyond? Is skin care your main problem? Address that problem by making and following a morning skin care routine. Let online shopping sites like Althea help you out, especially since they now that precious Althea coupon code, allowing you to shop for skin care products without being a burden on your budget.

Third, you might also want to hold weekly meetings with yourself. As weird as this might sound, this is actually good for you, because these weekly meetings will help you shed light on so many things. You can work out issues like your current responsibilities, future goals, existing relationships. At the end of each meeting, you can then write reminders for the coming week – what to do better, what to stop doing, whom to befriend, and the like.

If you think about it, taking necessary steps to become a more consistent person can actually be fun. So, let nothing hold you back from doing it yourself.


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