Are You a Cocktail Connoisseur? Here's How You Can Enjoy Cocktails Even More

Who doesn't love a good cocktail? They're delicious, and enjoying one with friends is a great way to enjoy some social time. Maybe, however, you'd like to rise above the occasional cocktail drinker. It's not that you drink a lot, but when you do, you are very discerning. You've taken your love of cocktails to an art. You're a true connoisseur. 

As a connoisseur, you might have a hard time finding ways you can take your love of cocktails to the next level. You've already tried all the great bars in town, and you know all their specialty cocktails. What can you do next?

Here are a few things you can try if you want to enjoy cocktails even more than you already do:

Get New Flavourings

You have a bar full of alcohol and mixers already stocked at home. You can make just about any drink that any person can name. If you want to take your creations to the next level, you should try out some new flavorings. Imagine creating a pumpkin spice daiquiri or an espresso martini. With the right flavorings, it's just a matter of adding a syrup or liqueur to the drink and getting a whole new flavor that you'll love.

Experiment with different flavorings, mixes, and combinations of liquors to create a whole new cocktail that you and your friends will love. You might even create the next Appletini! You won't make millions, but you'll certainly get a lot of social cred.

Learn How to Make Fun New Cocktails

Maybe you're not ready to start experimenting with your own cocktails. Or maybe you've just hit a creative block, and you need to focus on mixing someone else's creation instead for a while. Learning how to make some fun new cocktails can get you out of your creative rut and inspire you for your own future creations. You can also try some cocktails you may not have tried yet, and you can have fun with your friends. 

Don't know where to start? Try a theme, like National Unicorn Day or even something more basic like the Fourth of July. If you Google cocktails for these holidays or for themed parties, you are sure to find plenty of great ideas and many cocktails you didn't know about before.

Host a Cocktail Party

What better way to show off your cocktail mixing skills and to share your love of the drink than to host a cocktail party for your closest friends? Take advantage of the opportunity to really show off your skill. Choose a selection of the drinks you're most proud of being able to make. Including some classics as well as some of your own creations. Make sure there is a mix of drinks that are easy to make, as well as a few that are complicated. If all the drinks are overly involved, you won't have time to make them for everyone. You'll feel rushed and stressed out.

Be sure to offer plenty of appetizers or other small plates that will go well with the cocktails and will help dull the effects of the alcohol. You don't want everyone to leave the party tipsy.

Host a Mixing Contest

If you love cocktails, chances are good that you have friends who love them, too. Why not host a friendly challenge to see who can make the best? You can have it in your house and hold small contests to see who can make the best Manhattan, who can make the best cocktail with a certain flavoring, or who can come up with the best original cocktail. You can make things even flashier if you have moves--spinning the bottles or using flames, just like in the Tom Cruise movie.

A love of cocktails isn't just a love of drinking. If you're a true connoisseur, try these suggestions for taking that love to the next level and enjoying your hobby even more. Show others what there is to love about cocktails and share this hobby.

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