Toronto Gets News Black Singles and Admirers Meetup Group

Toronto has just gotten itself a new, black singles and admirers meet up group. The group which can be found here, on, is targeted at black and single young men and women who want to meet other black singles. They also welcome non-black people and people from diverse cultural backgrounds who have an interest in meeting up with people of either Caribbean or African ancestries. The group was founded on July 22nd 2018 and aim to cover such topics as singles, wine, dining out, new in town, black professionals, nightlife, social networking, live music, women’s social, fun times, young professionals, nightlife, social networking, live music, women’s social, fun times, young professionals, black singles, black women, interracial dating and black men.

To join the group, an intending member has to answer the following questions.

What are your interests joining our Meetup group?

Do you promise to respect your RSVP to group events? Please note: Members who don't show up without cancelling will be suspended to respect members who do attend.

They are planning their first event for next week, Wednesday, the 15th of August 2018 and this would be a kick-off event to explore what they want out of the group. As to be expected in a gathering of this nature, the participants also stand a chance of meeting their significant other in a relaxed and no pressure environment, free of any charges.

The invite for the meet up reaches out to black professionals seeking to expand their social circle in Toronto, people who love to try new restos, young singles who love Caribbean food, having great conversations and meeting new people. The meetup would hold at Simone’s Caribbean restaurant, a restaurant located in the heart of the Danforth area, which serves authentic Caribbean cuisine and caters to the feeding needs of neighbours in the Great Toronto Area. They offer an extended catering menu and are happy to work with larger groups for a tailor-made experience.

The rules for the upcoming meet up include a strict adherence to the RSVPs. The site administrator states “I would be grateful if everyone respects their RSVPs, members who blow-off their RSVPs will be suspended. Blowing-off RSVPs is not showing respect to other members in the group who do respect their RSVPs and often travel a far distance to do so”.

He also has strong rules towards sexual harassment, stating, “Men aren't allowed to bug or harass ladies in this group. Guys, that means, you cannot contact any lady in this group who didn't give you permission to do so. Ladies, if any guy contacts you that you didn't give permission to do so, please contact me because they will be suspended. Men in this group are encouraged to be respectful and proper gentlemen. This group is for fun, engaging and no-pressure get-togethers to facilitate the further expanding of friendships”. Nothing was however mentioned of women who might contact men without permission.

The group has over 100 members and so far, ten have already signed up for the upcoming meetup.


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