4 tips for taking the best photos with your smartphone

(NC) We all want to take professional-quality shots of our vacations, kids or grandkids. But are great pictures the result of a good camera, a good eye, good technique, luck, or a combination of all those things?

According to Paul Dayco, chief technology officer at Huawei, creating a good picture is a combination.

“A good eye can only take you so far. If your camera can’t capture what you see, then it’s tough to grow your skills.”

Dayco says the first thing to consider in a smartphone camera is the lens – it controls the quality of the image. Second, the camera should help you achieve your creative goals while being more efficient. Here are four other tips to find a quality smartphone camera and start taking better photos.

  1. Find a camera that offers a wide variety of capture modes, from ultra-wide to super-macro angles. Having a device that can capture an image in any situation is the first step to enjoying photography. Ultimately, you want a camera that has multiple lenses.
  2. Find a camera that can take great images in daylight and at night. Most smartphone cameras can take a good daylight picture but very few are just as good when it gets dark. On the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, for example, there’s a night mode that combines multiple frames taken with different exposures to produce images that are balanced and incredibly bright.
  3. Learn the features and functions of your camera to make your experience better. For example, you can usually swipe up to access the camera on a smartphone when it’s locked. Shortcuts like this are easy to do and come in handy.
  4. Lastly, do the tyrannosaurus rex when you’re taking a picture. Instead of holding your smartphone at arm’s length, bring it closer to your body by bringing your elbows into your sides. You’ll look a bit silly, but the position will stabilize your arms and reduce camera shake.


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