3 healthy habits for the new year

(NC) Kicking off a new year with a resolution to be healthier and to eat more balanced meals is a goal shared by millions of people. But all too often, we make overambitious commitments that are hard to fulfill and easy to drop when day-to-day life takes over after the rush of the holidays.

Registered dietitian Sue Mah recommends opting for sensible and sustainable changes to your eating habits.

“Set yourself up for success by focusing on small, realistic changes that will add up to big benefits over time,” she suggests.  

Here are some easy breakfast tips and tricks to start the day on a strong note and keep you on track for a new you in the new year:

  • Think protein at breakfast. Protein helps you feel full for longer. Have a bowl of hot oatmeal made with milk or a fortified soy beverage. Sprinkle on some nuts, seeds and hemp hearts for added protein power. Then, team it all up with a glass of Florida orange juice – the vitamin C boosts iron absorption from the oatmeal.
  • Get enough greens. Why wait until lunch and dinner to eat your veggies? Throw a handful of spinach or diced peppers in a quick breakfast omelette that’s delicious and packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • Make it and take it. If your mornings are rushed, try a fruit smoothie made with Greek yogurt, fruit and OJ. Make it the night before so that it’s grab-and-go. Even a small breakfast is better than no breakfast.


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