Gifting the techie in your life this holiday season

(NC) Is there anything clumsier than a non-techie shopping for a techie? It’s hard to stay on top of trends when you don’t speak tech as a first language. Fortunately, here are some must-haves the techie in your life is sure to love:

Mini-drones. Ideal for creating the perfect Instagram, mini-drones are more affordable than their larger cousins but are just big enough for carrying phones or cameras. If your loved one is a photo or video fiend, it’s hard to beat a toy that will open-up 360 degrees of angles.

Wireless charging pads for phones. We’re entering the cable-free era — whether it’s headphones without plugs or (in the case of this awesome gift idea) wireless charging pads for phones. No more twisted knots of chargers in your bag. Simply place your phone on top of these pads and they will charge.

A smart TV perfect for game time. Sports fans know that every second counts — and they want a great picture and clear sound while missing nothing during the big game. For the techie who wants to watch the action as it happens, try the LG OLED C8 TV. It provides true-to-life images with incredibly rich colours, sharpness and depth to help you feel closer to the action.


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