3 Reasons to Consider The Personal Group Insurance

Everyone loves benefits. In a corporate environment, providing benefits can be very crucial to the success of employees, as it is a strong indicator that you truly care about their well-being and overall success—both in and out of the work environment.

Choosing if group insurance is the best option for you becomes one of the first choices you’d be required to make when providing benefits, and with many options out there, it could quickly become a tedious decision.

However, The Personal has been totally dedicated to providing home and auto group insurance for well over 30 years—having strong partnership with over 700 of top organizations in Canada. They provide top-edge products and offers to employees at unbeatable rates and quality service. Getting group auto or home insurance at The Personal is very affordable, easy to purchase and much easier to make a claim.

Providing group insurance to your employees allows you to maintain a profitable equilibrium within your workplace.Additionally, developing a quality membership benefits package, offers benefits to both the affinity group and its members alike.

For The Personal, the term “group” has been demystified as it is commonly misunderstood by the general public. A group refers to: a large organization, a professional association, a professional order, an association of graduates, a retiree’s association, a union or a university.

Here are the top reasons why you should get group insurance.

1.  It provides exclusive benefits to members

Membersof affinity groups running a group insurance plan are provided a robust offering of services that guides them through both the personal and professional aspects of their lives.

Additionally, The Personal offers it’s members exclusive access to special group rates that are not generally available to the public.

2.  It grants members access to personalised services

For members of various affinity groups, insurance packages on The Personalare offered directly without the intermediary of an insurance broker.

Therefore, members speak directly with an insurance agent to obtain personalised insurance services, in line with their current needs and budget.

3. It improves the retention rate of existing members

Providing an affinity group insurance plan ensures that your group (organization, professional association, professional order, association of graduates, retirees association, union or university) effectively attracts and retains its members.For every group that offers a group insurance plan for its members, they also attract more members therefore invariably increasing its reputation throughout its respective profession.


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