How to motivate your child to use less technology?

Every other day, we hear parents complaining about the behavioural issues of their child and how the kid is stuckwatching the phones or tablets. The issue has become so widespread that the doctors are also advising parents to keep their kids involved in more physically active activities rather than using technology just to keep them calm for some time. It is not being emphasised here that you must take the technology away from your kids because it is very important for attaining knowledge provided that there’s balance.

Here are the ways that you can motivate your child to use less technology because it is possible.

  1. Make physical activities and sports a fun thing to do

When we were kids, playing outside the house seemed like one of the best things throughout the day and we used to feel free from all the school work or doing the assignments. Ironically, this is not the case with the kids these days and they prefer using their phones rather than going out. Here is a thing that you can do to make them motivated. Initially, you are going to have to get involved with them and make sure to give an impression that staying physically active is one of the best things to do. Tell them that it helps you stay strong and you can do anything you want in your life. This is how they will believe you. Do not worry about whether or not your kid has any friends to play with. Make sure that they get active through cycling or by doing any other sports.

  1. Use small gifts or treats every time your kid goes out to the park

This works like a charm! If your kid insists on staying inside and playing a video game, start negotiating with them. Make promises about getting their favourite thing to eat if they go and play outside. Besides staying healthy, it will also assist them in creating social bonds with the people which is one of the best things to have later in life. As they start going out regularly, you can innovate your own ways and take them for their favourite activities as gifts. This will be a great step forward.

  1. Give quality time to your children

Our lives have become so busy that giving quality time to the children seems like a dying art. Parents do spend time with their children but most of the time they keep nagging about the things that their children ought to be doing in their life. No one is perfect and the children and seeing you as their role model. If you stay physically inactive and advise your kids to go out and play, then that is never going to happen. So, it is very important for you to spend some quality time with your kids and connect with them. This will help you later on in your life when your child starts sharing stories or problems with you. The best way to do is start playing a little with your kids too and take at least half an hour to spend with your kids.

These are some of the ways that you could use to motivate your kids from using less technology. Once they start getting the hang of playing outside, they would no longer think of the technology as safe haven. You can always try and incorporate new ideas suiting to your style because you know your child more than anyone else.


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