New Study Reveals That Junk Food Kills Fast

Over the years, research has shown that constant consumption of certain foods can lead to death. The list of these toxic foods is now so long that anyone can hardly keep track. However, everyone sure has a few of them at the back of their mind. For instance, the consumption of nitrates can cause colorectal cancer. Sugar is also bad, artificial sweeteners are even worse, yet most snacks that people consume, contain these stuff. A lot of snacks are made with artificial sweeteners that have the ability to alter your gut bacteria and increase your risks of being diabetic. They are also often packaged with materials that contain hormone disruptors like bisphenol A. BisphenolA has been known to cause cancer, obesity and diabetes.

Sometimes, foods are also considered unhealthy, not just because of what they contain, but because of what they do not contain. A lot of these foods contain very little fibre, and fibre has been shown to decrease a person’s risks of several illnesses. Also consider the fact that when you consume unhealthy foods, you get yourself full, passing up a chance to eat proper foods containing vitamins and minerals such as fruits and vegetables.

This is why a new study, cited in Natural News, has made it easy for us to note the kinds of foods to avoid- all junk foods.

The study has established that junk foods cut a considerable number of years off a person’s life. For the study, French researchers took a look atclose to 45,000 healthy middle-aged people to find out the risks of consuming junk food. They measured their intake of more the 3,000 foods categorized into four groups according to how processed they were.

Results showed that those who ate more ultra-processed food had a higher risk of death. Furthermore, they found that an increase of 10 percent in the amount of junk food a person consumes is associated with a 14 percenthigher risk of death from a non-communicable disease within eight years. The study established that this link still existed even after taking cognizance of factors such as age, gender, smoking, physical activity levels, educational background and obesity.

These junk foods are often ultra-processed and contain a lot of sugar and saturated fat. A great number of them are loaded with additives that are still being debated as to whether they should be consumed or note, one of such additives is sodium nitrate. These foods form some dangerous compounds in the factories while being processed, for instance, carcinogenic compounds such as acrylamide and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are formed when some foods are processed– and people still consume these dangerous compounds in the process of consuming junk foods.

The article also quotes a different study with 105,000 participants which found that processed food negatively affects a person’s cancer risk in particular. All these, point to the fact that it is time for consumers to start making better choices when it comes to picking their foods.


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