Chesterfield sofas support living a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle

There are several things we consider when buying new furniture and for most people, its impact on the environment is very critical.

Choosing to go green is not a conversation limited to just the environment as eco-friendly DIY furniture is one of the hottest trends in today’s home furnishing. With a growing number of people now conscious of the effect of the environment on ourselves, there are now fewer people who would want to place an additional burden on the earth.

However, the current situation is in stark contrast to the early 20th century where uncontrolled development has led to a depleting number of forests, thus threatening the survival of plants, animals, human beings, and other species that depend on them.

Today, a growing number of furniture designers have titled towards eco-friendly furnishing by incorporating green furniture. However, choosing an eco-friendly option doesn’t mean you have to forgo your creativity or sense of style.

Chesterfield sofas are among the most popular sofas on the market and are also good for those who want an eco-friendly lifestyle. It also takes a revered position within the ranks of different sofa styles.

The Chesterfield sofa has a classic design with longevity that makes it one of the most enduringly popular types of sofa among those searching for quality and uniqueness.

But then, what is a Chesterfield sofa? What makes it different from other types of classic furniture? And are they really good for the environment? These are questions that would most likely pop up in the mind of those who are keen on the benefits of choosing eco-friendly options.

The original Chesterfield sofa has a few distinctive features that make it stand out from other sofas, according to Blue & Green Tomorrow. It is a large, rolled-arm sofa where the arms are level with the back of the couch. The Chesterfield is typically created in fine leather material, but its most noticeable feature is its tufted back; created by deep buttons, along with nailhead embellishments.

Chesterfield sofas are usually made from sustainably sourced wood and this makes it a perfect choice for those who are concerned about the environment—especially given the rapid rate of deforestation, the mass bleaching of coral reefs and other similar environmental crises.

Just as with other furniture pieces, the exact origins of the Chesterfield are not completely clear. But according to experts, it is believed that this sofa was first commissioned by the fourth Earl of Chesterfield in the middle of the 1700s. He wanted a refined piece of furniture he could sit in without putting wrinkles in his clothes.

However, earlier designs of the sofa are likely to be a vast variation from the design we are quite familiar with today.

The insertion of coiled springs into sofas was invented by designers in the 1800s to make them more comfortable and suited to living spaces rather than display. Also, the button tufts on the Chesterfield served a practical purpose; they were added to prevent the horsehair, with which the sofa was stuffed, from falling out of the furniture.

Chesterfield sofas were created from leather in order to create a premium and long-lasting design that fits perfectly into the finest of living room spaces.

As the years rolled by, more and more homeowners became concerned about owning durable, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing furniture due to the many benefits it provides. Therefore, designers started using more sustainably harvested wood to make them.

The central place for most homes is the living room and sofas have since been adopted by other social classes aside from the upper classes who first popularized this design. Today, the Chesterfield has been changed in numerous ways just to make it more appealing to certain parts of the market. Sometimes, this couch type is made from a hard-wearing velvet material or other times it is fabricated from cloth instead of leather. Also, the sofa may have a smaller backrest or thinner leg.

TheChesterfield sofa has all the hallmarks of a classic and has been popular for hundreds of years, showing no sign of fading—despite the influx of more modernistic furniture designs. Yet its design has been reinvented several times and therefore remains contemporary, looking just as suitable in a modernistic room as in a historical setting.

Ifyour preference is a stylish and distinguished furniture piece, the Chesterfield is definitely worth every penny spent on it.

In addition, when lookingto buy eco-friendly furniture, products that are sustainably sourcedare the best and this is what makes Chesterfield sofas great for the environment.The woodit is made of is gotten from sustainable sources.


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