Deep Diving into Sprinkler System Inspection and Maintenance

When a fire breaks out in your house or office, it can cause serious injuries, loss of precious lives, and damage to valuable infrastructure. Residential fires are the leading cause of fire-related deaths in Canada with hundreds of lives are lost and many more injured every year – not to mention billions of dollars of economic loss.
That’s why it is vital to put in place necessary measures beforehand to avoid any human tragedy since even a small blaze can have serious implications for any business. Thankfully, we have residential fire suppression systems that can minimize the likelihood of fire eruption and mitigate its damaging effects – should it erupt anyway.

What is a Fire Sprinkler System?

Fire sprinklers are active fire protection methods that prove to be extremely effective in controlling the fire where they operate. A typical fire sprinkler system includes an integrated system of water supply that provides water at an appropriate flow rate and pressure to a water distribution piping system, to which fire sprinklers are connected.
Statistics show that fire sprinklers are 96% effective in controlling residential fires. A responsible homeowner or a property manager is aware of these life-saving fire sprinkler systems and even more vigilant in their compliance.

Need for Regular Maintenance of Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems are your primary defense against residential fires. When properly installed, they can save both occupants’ lives and building structures. But remember, it’s equally important to have these systems properly maintained and inspected after installing them – as you never know when the next fire may happen.
So, they have to be in the best working condition, whenever needed to extinguish the fire. Also, the law makes it mandatory to have your sprinklers system inspected and maintained on regular basis.
A regular inspection and maintenance service provides an added layer of safety precaution – and compliance with federal rules. Making proper maintenance of the fire suppression system will save you from violating the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 72) inspection standards – that also results in heavy fines.   

Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance Timeline

Fire Sprinkler systems testing and maintenance are necessary to guarantee they appear in working order round the clock. Without proper maintenance services, these systems tend to have a shorter life span and may not work well while extinguishing a fire. Generally, fire sprinkler systems underdo weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, five-year, and ten-year inspections with a complete record of maintenance inspections that can be produced when requested. 
As a concerned property manager, make sure you follow the below maintenance guidelines:
A complete visual inspection and testing to assess proper installation, condition of all valves, pipes, gauges, pumps, mechanical and electrical alarms, and any alterations or damages in any component. The testing criteria may vary for dry and wet sprinkler systems.

Weekly Inspections

A certified technician can perform weekly inspection services. He/she should test air and water pressure on the dry, deluge system gauges, standpipes. Also, the member will ensure all valves are properly sealed, opened, and functioning well, with no leakage whatsoever. He will then repair and maintain the questionable parts as needed. 

Monthly Inspections

The on-site licensed technician will examine wet pipe gauges to determine if adequate water pressure is maintained with no apparent physical damage. He/she will also check alarm valves to confirm if they are in perfect condition.   

Annual Inspections

During yearly inspection, an experienced contractor will check and test all sprinkler heads, riser pipes, valves, and fire pump and main drain, if any apparent damages are found.
Also, he will lubricate control valves and dry-pipe valves and clean the interior of the deluge valve as well as repair and replace the parts as needed. 

Quarterly Inspections

The three-year inspection includes complete inspection to confirm water intake caps connections are in working condition. Damaged caps are repaired and the missing ones are replaced. Also, it involves checkup and subsequent maintenance and repair of sprinkler system full-flow trip and air leakage along with visual inspection of all hardware parts.  

Five-year Inspections

The five-year inspection includes a detailed and thorough inspection of all hardware associated with the fire sprinkler system. It includes:
Sprinklers, Siamese connections, pressure-reducing valves (full-flow house connection, standpipe, dry standpipes, and follow-up maintenance and repairing where needed.

Looking for Best Inspection Services: Hire Control Fire Systems Ltd

Control Fire Systems Ltd is an international company that leads the pack when it comes to providing the best quality fire suppression inspection and maintenance services. Having over 4 decades of professional experience, it is your one-stop solution option for commercial fire equipment inspection and subsequent repair.
No doubt, you will find many fire inspection companies online, but the majority of them are unreliable, having little to no experience in the field. A semi-skilled contractor further deteriorates the fire suppression network, creating legal and technical issues in the future. That’s why you should directly contact Control Fire System Ltd to get the best sprinkler system repairing services. We hire professional technicians aware of ins and outs of the sprinkler systems and are equipped with the latest inspection and repairing tools to inspect even the latest systems in the market. 
Besides strictly adhering to the NFPA 72 standards, we perform a thorough inspection of the sprinkler system and ensure every component is in perfect condition to function in an emergency situation. Unlike other contractors, we appraise the customers of the exact details of any underlying issue and provide an economical solution to it – keeping in view the market standards and insurance requirements.
All our sprinkler fitters and inspection staff are certified by the Ontario College of Trades who are committed to offering a high-quality fire protection service to all our customers. By hiring our inspection and maintenance services, you are confident that your building’s sprinkler systems will function as efficiently as designed.

Final Remarks

To sum it all, fire sprinkler systems are indispensable to mitigate the negative consequences of household fires. However, it’s vital to have regular inspection and maintenance of these systems by a professional and certified fire suppression services company – and make sure you have an added layer of precaution, in case fire erupts.


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