Canada’s Conservative Media Conglomerates support NAU agenda

Have you seen newspapers like the National Post and the Ottawa Citizen having to try to give away their newspaper in downtown Toronto, and other parts of Canada? That is because less people are buying these newspapers. It is no wonder. These commercial newspapers, along with other currently corporatized mass-media, have turned away from providing critical editorial insights as a public service to readers, and into becoming apologists for neo-conservatives policy causes, from Missle Defence to Anti-Terror legislation. In the process these mass-media organizations have become the public relations fronts of established political interests, delivering packaged “fluff” as content.

Activists, are now beginning to urge Canadians to further re-consider buying Canada’s daily newspapers, as a result of their apparent media black-out on covering the North American Union (NAU) agenda. Newspapers like the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail that had historically provided great editorial leadership on facilitating public debate on national sovereignty issues from “Americanization” in the early 1970’s, and the “Free Trade” debate into the late 1980’s, have now apparently all sided with, amd got into bed with Big Business interests.

Surely, the perspectives of Big Business interests, and those of other Canadians can be openly discussed and debated in editorials, in the same way as these perspectives had been addressed during the late 1980’s, concerning “Free Trade”.

If fascism or neo-fascism is to be held at bay, the mass-media, has a vital role in affirming the integrity of democracy. It is hypocritical for these media to pretentiously give readers the impression that their management supports the mantra of “freedom” and democracy in the so-called “War on Terror”, while they at the same time repress their reporters from covering such issues, toward informing a vital public debate.

Indeed, many reporters have candidly expressed to The Canadian that their ability to cover such vital issues, has been undermined by the apparent newfound Big Business allegiances of their managers.

Meanwhile, media organizations like CNN in the U.S. via news programmes anchored by Harvard University educated Lou Doubbs, have at least nominally attempted to inform the American public of the anti-democratic agenda of the North American Union agenda.

It is now up to Canadians, to express a public outcry against the collusion of mass-media organizations in the sell out of Canada; and they can do that by considering whether such newspapers are worth their continued economic support.


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