Bye, Bye Canadian border


When René Lévesque formed a Parti Québécois government in 1976, Mr. Lévesque did not, all of a sudden, declare Quebec to be a sovereign country, based upon a provincial election result. Yet, this is exactly the kind of scam our current Prime Minister is seeking to perpetrate, based upon getting a “majority government“ result.

Mr. Lévesque respected democracy enough, to have presented a Referendum to Quebecers, even though the Parti Québécois had formed a majority government in Quebec.

Mr. Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party seem to think that his majority government entitles him to declare himself a Dictator, who now has the power to effectively hand Canada over to an American political-military-industrial complex.

Mr. Harper's statements that Canada's sovereignty is not in jeopardy are inconsistent with the written details of the "Beyond Borders" Pact.

If Mr. Harper is inspired by the rule of constitutional law and democracy, he will follow in René Lévesque's footsteps by immediately committing to a National Referendum in Canada, on the effective deletion of the Canada-U.S. border in the so-called "Beyond Borders" Pact. However, if Mr. Harper is the Dictator and Vidkun Quisling-like operative that he seems to be becoming, he will ignore the rule of law, and seek to effectuate a dictatorially-executed unconstitutional Border Pact with U.S. President Barack Obama.

On 9 April 1940, with the German invasion of Norway in progress, Vidkun Quisling had seized power in a Nazi-backed coup d'etat that garnered him international infamy. Beyond Borders is an American elite backed coup d'etat against Canada, in an apparent era of U.S. expansionism which has also included Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Nigeria.

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