Statue of Liberty moved: Mandela Effect strikes again

Do you remember when the Statute of Liberty was on Ellis Island?

But now history suggests that it has "always" been on "Liberty Island".

This is further apparent proof that "some of us" have apparently been abducted into a simulation by some kind of manipulative alien intelligence where things have been changed.  These things range from corporate logos to whole changes in geographic features, song lyrics; dialogue in movies; scripture in the Bible and so much more.

Such apparent evidence of an artificial simulation has been described as "Mandela Effect" based upon the first evidence of the unfolding of such an artificial simulation that has been linked to discrepancies on when Nelson Mandela actually passed away.

The people who don't recall the Statute of Liberty being on Ellis Island and regard the Statute of Liberty as ALWAYS being on Liberty Island have been referred to as "Background People" because they are an apparent part of this simulation.


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