Ottawa: Sears Canada closing Rideau Centre store

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A weird feeling of sadness and excitement came to me when I heard the Rideau Centre Sears was closing. I felt bad for 200 or so individuals that are losing their jobs, but my attention soon turned to what could take over the big vacant space left by Sears’ departure. Would a Simons be interested in coming to Ottawa? Is this finally what H&M has been waiting for to dive into the Ottawa market? Alternatively,  the space could be redivided into smaller sections to bring about greater diversity. What would you like to see pop up in the Sears space? Let us know in the comments section.

A couple of big city positions were filled in the past week. First off, we have a new Head Librarian. Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder, who chairs the Ottawa Public Library Board, announced the appointment of Danielle McDonald in a news release Tuesday evening. McDonald is replacing Barbara Clubb who announced her retirement a few months ago. Ottawa’s new police Chief was also announced this week. Charles Bordeleau is replacing Vern White, who recently got appointed to the Senate. One of Bordeleau’s top priorities as head of the police force will be to restore public trust following the Stacy Bonds case.  We wish them both well in their new functions.

Positive outcomes came out of Hélène Campbell’s plea for more organ donations. Campbell, who needs a double lung transplant was able to get the attention of folks like Justin Bieber and Ellen Degeneres to help raise awareness about organ donations. The result: the donor list skyrocketed following the media spotlight.

Last week, I briefly wrote about the demolition of the Groundwood Pulp Mill. It looks like some of the surrounding buildings, also owned by Domtar, may be sold and put to better use instead of getting the old heave-ho. The key term here is maybe, but there’s reason to get excited. The company behind the revamp of Toronto’s Distillery District is potentially interested in purchasing the buildings from Domtar to renovate them into something “the company and local residents would be proud of” according to a spokesman. Stay tuned for more…

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