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Windsor: Beyond Borders to destroy City with Crime, as Detroit


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I am a retired teacher in law warning both Canadians and Americans who would like to defend their independence as sovereign peoples, about the so-called ”Security Perimeter”. The Stephen Harper government in Canada, an the Barack Obama ‘regime’ in the United States, continue to purse the total dismantling of the Canada-U.S. border.

Arguably, few cities in Canada have immediately benefited as much from the Canada-U.S. border than Windsor. Our city has been able to enjoy a low crime rate and a much higher quality-of-life than Detroit, because of our international boundary.

What would happen if this border was removed today? Detroit's problems would begin engulf Windsor.

Legally, there is no such thing as the kind of “common security border arrangements” which these leaders describe, that would affirm the independence of Canadians and Americans from each other, in international law.

It is apparent that Stephen Harper and Barack Obama are talking in deceptive legal fictions designed “fool the masses” who are not schooled in law.

Just as colonial elites of Europe sought to fool the First Nations of Canada, and the United States with “treaties” with no legal integrity, the descendants of those elites have sought to hatch a similar scam.

It is apparent to borrow words of the First Nations, that these leaders and their operatives “are speaking with forked tongues”.

When Stephen Harper and Barack Obama refer to “common security border arrangements” they actually mean ‘NO BORDER’.

There would no longer be an international boundary between the United States and Canada, if the United States government through Homeland Security effectively controlled the Canadian border, along with national security arrangements and the oversight of the implementation of domestic laws including those on privacy.

Harper and Obama's teams right now soon plan to formally remove the Canada-U.S. border, and to "push" our international boundaries to the outside of what is now Canada and the U.S. which is being merged into a "North American Union". The NDP leadership contenders are all apparently a part of a broader blackout on the formal release of details on this fast-track "Beyond Borders" timetable.

Detroit has become one of the worse cities in the United States for homicide and other violent crime.

If you are in Windsor, and you have something to say, you might want to consider saying it, before "crack houses" and criminals from Detroit become literally, your next door neighbour.

The apparent fascist clique which controls elites in Canada and the U.S. who back the "Beyond Borders" Agreement have reduced the Canada and U.S. border to be an "impediment for commercial activities." However, our Canadian and U.S. borders provide the citizens of our two nations with distinct cultural spaces to express our different ways of life. The question for my fellow Canadians in Windsor is the following: Do we want to become an extension Detroit's cultural space which has spawned crime and other social injustices. 

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