Toronto: Bathurst Quay silos may be next for redevelopment

A final verdict about what to do with the crumbling Canadian Malting silos and how the surrounding grounds will be developed is still a ways off, but with Build Toronto now at the helm, things should start moving ahead.

The city’s real estate services office appointed Build Toronto to oversee the project and to assess how future development will occur.

“We are working right now and unfortunately we don’t have too much we can disclose but we are working with a number of stakeholders on that site to try and get an understanding for potential use and to get an understanding of the infrastructure there so we are just in our investigative stage,” stated Natalie Pastuszak, stakeholder and communications associate for Build Toronto.

Currently the Toronto Port Authority has a three-year lease to use the lands as a vehicle drop off and pick up area while a pedestrian tunnel is being built connecting the mainland to the island airport, which may bring the neighbourhood some relief from lawless taxi drivers.

The Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association (BQNA) is one of the community stakeholders that has received early warning of the project.

“The tunnel has to be finished first, and that’s two years away,” the BQNA’s Tony Makepeace commented in an email. “As well, the thorny issue of the taxi corral has to be sorted out when the land lease expires in three years. So even in the best case scenario there won’t be anything happening soon. My best guess is three years.”

The Canadian Malting silos, located at the south end of Bathurst, became a historical site in 1973. In September 2010 the adjacent buildings on the property were demolished to make way for future development.

Earlier versions of redevelopment plans included the long-awaited acquatics centre and swimming pool for the Harbourfront Community Centre and Waterfront School complex.

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