Top 4 Facts About Being Charged with DUI in Ontario You Should Know

(TORONTO - Wire) --There is a good chance that you will make it all the way through life and never decide to settle in the driver’s seat after having a little too much to drink. Even so, it never hurts to have some idea of what could happen if you are charged and ultimately convicted of driving under the influence. Knowing these four basic facts will come in handy if you do find yourself in this situation and need to take action as quickly as possible.

1 - You Do Need Legal Counsel

A charge of driving under the influence is a serious matter. This is not something you want to face on your own. The best approach is to contact one of the DUI lawyers in the area and arrange for representation.

The lawyer will be able to evaluate the circumstances leading up to the arrest and know how to present you when the court date arrives. This is crucial since a conviction will have an impact on your ability to secure insurance and could cause problems with finding employment in the years to come.

2 - You Have the Right to an Adjournment

There will be a hearing that must be attended shortly after the arrest. At that hearing, you do have the right to request what is known as an adjournment. This is a two to three week period that allows the accused party an opportunity to find legal counsel, begin to prepare a defense, and make whatever other arrangements that are appropriate.

There will be restrictions on your movements during the adjournment period. That especially relates to the ability to travel outside the immediate area. If your work requires that you take a business trip during the two to three week period, you will need permission from the court to leave the area. Your lawyer can help you file the proper documents for the request.

3 - Not Everything Can Be Taken to the Courtroom

Your lawyer will advise you to leave your phone at home. The same goes for a lengthy list of items that may not be carried into the courtroom. That list includes any type of sharp objects like knives. Before assuming it’s fine to take prescription medication into the courtroom, check with your legal counsel.

If you have any doubts about what you may or may not take along, consult your lawyer. Your legal counsel will be aware of any current additions to the list of prohibited items and be in a position to ensure you are acting in full compliance with the rules of the court.

You Do Have the Right to Fight the Charge

While DUI laws are strict in Ontario, every accused party has the opportunity to answer those charges. If anyone has told you that fighting is a waste of time, don’t listen. As your lawyer will point out, there are a number of drunk driving news and articles online that detail how an accused party was ultimately cleared of the charges. Given the way a conviction can haunt you for years, it’s in your best interests to fight if there is any indication that the arresting officer did not follow procedures or some other mitigating factor exists.

Should you find yourself facing a DUI charge, seek help immediately. With a lawyer at your side, it will be simpler to determine what course of action would be in your best interests.

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