Gay Online Dating: Top Seven Tips to get responses

It seems like for every gay single man or gay single woman, there is an online gay dating site. There are literally hundreds of gay dating services all claiming to do the same things and many of us have used several of them. Perhaps you've used or or perhaps you checked out a dating review site like

Perhaps you're not heterosexual, maybe you're gay? How is one to know which gay dating service to use? There is,,,, and many others.

Whether you're on a straight or gay dating site, one thing you have in common is this question 'how do I get responses?'. I myself have been on and it took me a long time to figure out how to get a guy to respond. I'm a decent looking gay guy and you can bet the photos on my personal ad are the best I have, but for some reason I was only getting minimal responses.

I realized that I needed to look at my profile like another member would and do some self-evaluation. Here are 7 quick things you must consider when you are editing your personal ad:

1. Am I presenting myself as a good match in the long term, or does it sound like I'm just looking for a quick fling? You need to think about what you're looking for - if its just physical action you want say that, if you're looking for something more don't be shy to say that.

2. Is my profile just like everyone else's? If so you're not going to get many responses. Try to have the attitude of 'I don't care what other people think, I'm going to be real' and make that apparent on your

3. Be specific! Don't just say 'I like to go out and on other nights stay in and watch a movie'. I've got news for you, so does everyone else! Instead tell them your details - write in your profile WHERE you like to go out (chances are other singles will know the same spots in your area) and what kind of movies you like.

4. Does the site allow you to communicate? Most gay dating sites will require you to pay some sort of recurring fee to send or receive messages like where as others allow you to send messages free like on for the gay community and for the straight community. Does the site provide INSTANT communication tools like straight webchat or in my case gaychat? If not, you might need to find another site. The reason is because many of the most exciting and rewarding meetings on a gay dating site is via instant messenger. I don't know if its because there something special about a spontaneous meeting, something romantic. Just make sure your site has this.

5. When making any kind of contact whether its sending a message to another user or responding to one, make sure you reference what is in their profile.

6. Don't be shy about adding a member to your 'favourites' list. Yeah, yeah you heard it makes you look desperate. Forget that! It lets someone know you're interested and that's the point.

7. How about your pictures? This is by far the most important element of any dating profile. Never put up a profile without a pic. This is the most deadly of sins. In fact, my recommendation is to make sure you upload as many pictures as you can, showing as many different emotions as possible. The reason is because this is how you will let your potential match who you really are and let's face it, looks matter. That doesn't mean you need to be Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, it means you need to show people what you look like because I guarantee you, there is someone out there that will think you're attractive. So be honest and don't set false expectations.

So in conclusion, be yourself, be specific, don't worry so much about what other people might think of you - be honest, make sure the gay dating site your on has the right communication tools that allow you to make instant contact and last but definitely not least, let your pictures speak a thousand words!

If you follow these 7 tips, I guarantee you will get responses...and you might even find love:)

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David Silurban is an editor for Dating Reviews Online - an online dating review site. His latest reviews include, a gay dating, gay chat, and gay personals site.


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