Online dating: An emerging trend or just an addiction

Online dating is one of those emerging trends, which gained a huge popularity in last few years. The reason for this growth is mainly because of fast forward life, where people are not getting enough time to go out and hook up with someone. One the other hand, internet growth is pretty rapid and one can’t deny the fact that every single day, there are at least hundreds of new websites. Technological advancement in dating sector has hugely affected those people who love to chat and spend time in front of their computer screen.

Online dating is not that bad, because you get to meet new people and you can share your time and emotions with them, though everything is in virtual world. If someone is really interested in online dating, then he/she should consider both the aspects of online dating which we are going to discuss.

Some researchers believe that online dating is not so beneficial for our society because it may be too addictive. Some people constantly feel the urge to get back to online dating. The major risk involved in online dating addiction is depression. There are many cases where people break up their online relationship, and then they go into a state of depression, which is very dangerous for anyone. People who are very lonely and who constantly need something to engage their mind are always attracted towards online dating. One must understand that online dating is good only when someone is using it just to find to right partner.

Some of the points which are given below illustrate the symptoms of online fating addiction:

1.       That anxiety feeling – when someone starts off with online dating, then everything seems to be perfect and natural. The main problem starts when you spend too much time doing the same stuff again and again. When someone starts to enjoy those chatting moments and that adrenaline rush, which is somewhat similar to the rush felt during coke addiction. After sometime, you will feel that apart from online dating everything else is very boring, and you mind will constantly remind you of the pleasures which you can get from online dating. You should learn to control your feelings and start spending some time with your old friends in real world.

2.       Be real rather than virtual – if you have tried online dating earlier, and you have not succeed in that, then you should not try it again because it might turn into an addiction. People always think that they will achieve something better, and in hope of this they keep on going back. At last you end up spending more time in front of your computer and soon you find yourself into an addiction. Some people actually think that this is not a real addiction, but in fact, this addiction can really devastate your professional and personal life.

Some researchers believe that online dating is fun and it should be kept as an option, but one must not use it as a regular medium of entertainment.


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