Dating: Identifying Mr. Right

Everyone has their own dream person. In the hopes of finding true love someday, we fantasize about the kind of person they should be – a “type” so to speak that would match our personality and values in life. However, it is never really easy to find the ideal person because in reality, they are too perfect to exist.

In finding Mr. Right, some women tend to go overboard with their standards. If you keep doing this, you may never find Mr. Right, or worse you may find him and have your heart broken because he’s perfect, but he’s a jerk (or gay).

Identifying Mr. Right does not always mean that a guy would fit into your general checklist of what your perfect man should be. Your ideal man should still be someone realistic and someone you can meet in this lifetime (since some girls dream about Napoleon or George Washington qualities). So what are the things you should look for in Mr. Right?

Your ideal man should have your values, otherwise he would never agree with the way you deal with your life. Worse than that, your family would never approve of him. For instance, if family bonding is really important to you, make sure your partner shares the same thoughts. This would free you from any trouble in the future when you already have a family because you both know that family would be both your major priority.

Find someone who is a husband material. Let’s face it: you would not really date without the intention of spending a long time with the person, with the possibility of marrying him. Instead of looking for qualities like “overly handsome” or “extremely rich”, try to look for qualities that make him a good husband. Does he have a stable job? Is he responsible? Can he take care of people? Can he work well with children? Is he level-headed? Look into the future and imagine life with him. If you see your relationship with him as nothing more than good sex, it probably would not last long.

Of course, past the husband qualities, you can still consider the physical appearance. It is possible to find someone attractive and still be a husband material. Imagine your ideal man’s face, but do not be too limiting. You never know when you would meet someone who is not exactly fitting into the physical appearance your ideal man has, but would totally fit into qualities of a potential future husband.

Mr. Right should be your best friend. He should be that person you can be honest and open with because a relationship requires communication. If your Mr. Right doesn’t like talking with you, then he’s not really interested in being with you for a long time. 

Some women believe that you would get a gut-feeling, sort of an epiphany when you finally meet Mr. Right. Jessica Padykula of highly-rated website says that if you feel like you want to settle down with a guy, it might mean you have met Mr. Right. Just remember that although the heart works great, a little help from the brain would allow you to see past the physical appearance and really help you in identifying Mr. Right.

What about you? Is there something about Mr. Right that you think would make you identify him? Go ahead, share it with us.


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