Xcheaters.com: Operating a Scam -- Uncovering the Fraud

The owners of Datingbusters.com present that site as seeking to expose online dating scams.  There are many online dating scams on the internet.  Datingbusters.com appears to present itself as seeking to make online dating sites more accountable.  But, how much can you trust a site that only lists a hotmail account on its 'Contact Us' Page.  What kind of trustworthy business site only lists one hotmail account on its main 'Contact Us' page?

A screenshot of this relatively empty 'Contact Us' page has been published with this article.

This site to-date presents no telephone number or mailing address that is the kind of information one might expect from a reputable site.  The "WhoIS' registrar of this site is "Domains By Proxy, LLC" that can be used by companies that was to intentionally conceal the owners of the domain name.

Is that because the owners of Datingbusters.com have something to hide?  How do we know that Datingbusters.com does not have a 'hidden agenda'?  For example, could Datingbusters.com be designed by an online dating competitor that seeks to discredit its competitors?  Are the goals of Datingbusters.com altruistic as may users may be led to believe, or could there be a cynical commercial agenda that is associated with this site.

Xcheaters.com is one of the sites that Datingbusters.com targets for animus.  However, how do we know if Datingbusters.com is simply hatin' on a competitor?  In contrast with Datingbusters.com, Xcheaters.com is quite upfront about its corporate address:


Having interviewed Xcheaters.com, it may be possible that the real scammers could be Datingbusters.com.

Xcheaters.com doubles as a casual dating site and an adult entertainment site for users who are seeking to explore fantasies.  Xcheaters.com owners are quite upfront about the mandate of this site which is documeted by site owners on Xcheaters.com.  Datingbusters.com claims could be regarded as reactionary and bordering on internet trolling.


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