Xmeeting.com: Why Men Break-up During the Holidays?

You can easily find a casual date on genuine dating sites like Xmeeting.com and Xcheaters.com. However, as the holiday season approaches, you should know that men tend to act weird during the holidays. Research has shown that there are certain times of the year when men are more likely to split up with their girlfriends – usually, during Christmas or Easter. So, why do they do that?

NBC Researchers discovered there are two times of the year when break-ups most frequently occur: March and right around the holidays. This period of uncoupling has even garnered a holiday-themed name: the turkey drop. It's when you're in a relationship, happily going about your Christmas shopping, and then right before you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner your boyfriend says, "We need to talk." So why do men typically break up with women around the holidays?

He was just delaying it – he had made up his mind to break up with you but was just delaying it.  An article published by Marie Claire gives us a fair idea of why men tend to do so.

“Things have been slowly going sour for a while now, and he's been meaning to end the relationship. There just hasn't been the right time. But holidays have a way of magnifying what's already on the mind, so all of the little reasons that came up about why he might end it suddenly seem quite big. Thus, there's no time like the present.”

He wants to avoid a meeting between you and his parents – for whatever reasons, he may not want you to meet his parents. Hence, he might break up with you during the holidays. He may not have ever thought about you meeting his folks before but now it's not an "if" sort of question, it's a "when." Even if you go your respective ways this holiday, he knows the next time his mom comes to town to visit he won't be able to avoid you two meeting.

He is a cheap prick who doesn’t want to buy you a gift - A guy who really wants to be with his girlfriend, starts thinking about a holiday gift at least a month in advance. The guy who is already contemplating a break-up may have realized that he will need to spend some money and that could deter him from putting off the inevitable. You will be better off without such a cheap guy.


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