Reviews: Top 10 casual partner dating rules

You might think that finding a casual partner is as easy as going out with someone, but even though you’re planning to keep the relationship light with someone you meet on sites like Flirthookup or Xmeeting, it’s advisable to be a trifle fussy. Otherwise, you might end up with the worst date ever. The Guardian offered its helpful hints on how to manage online dating.

#1 Think about what you want

This is casual dating, so luckily you don’t have to worry too much about how many kids your partner would want, but you should think very specifically about the things you do and do not want in a casual relationship.

#2 Rate your potential partners

This might sound rather cold-blooded, but it’s easier to do if you made a list of things you’re looking for. Things that are important to you should have a higher potential score rating and other things that you might like but that aren’t quite necessary can get a lower allocation.

#3 Go online

Choose a dating site that caters to your needs. If you’re looking for a casual partner, try or if you’re feeling a little more daring, take a look at Both of these sites cater for people who are interested in casual dating and you can tailor your profile according to just what you’re interested in. Do you just want to go out and have fun or are you interested in something a bit more physical?

#4 See who’s available

Browse through as many profiles as you like. The more, the better. If you find anything off-putting, avoid the user. If you think they might be worth a try, message them. It’s a bit like shopping in a candy store. Take your pick.

#5 Be brief and specific in your profile

You might feel like pouring out your whole life story, but resist the temptation. Keep it brief and to the point. Who are you? What are you looking for? Be frank.

#6 Create a little mystery

If you don’t leave anything to the imagination, you’re unlikely to capture anyone’s imagination. Make your reader a little bit curious and stick to about 100 words. After reading your profile, people should want to know more.

#7 It’s not a comedy show

What might sound funny when you say it, isn’t necessarily going to sound funny when you write it. Save the humour for a one on one conversation.

#8 Be careful with likes and dislikes

Unless you spend all day watching it, it doesn’t matter if your potential partner likes the same TV show as you do. Long lists of dislikes also make you look like a crosspatch. If there are some specifics that are absolute deal-breakers for you, you might mention them, but its better to discuss such things in person.

#9 Sound upbeat

Avoid negative language and stick to the positives. What makes you smile?

#10 Be a good marketer

Think about the kind of person you’d like to attract with your profile. How will you get them interested? Keep it fresh and exciting.


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