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(Singles-Ottawa.com Reviews) -- In today’s fast moving world, every man wants to date the most gorgeous women around, but most often, guys tend to make some common mistakes, which in turn make them not-so-attractive. So, we have compiled a list of 7 types of men women avoid, so that you can check if you fall in any of those categories. Don’t worry; even if you are one of those men, then you can simply change yourself to be the perfect partner.

We will start in the reverse order:

7. The Misogynist

These types of guys simply can’t avoid spreading their hatred towards female gender; they just can’t stop criticizing women and keeps on making jokes about them.

Why it’s so annoying for women: well, women just don’t like guys who keep on talking about how bad women are. Making fun of women might be a good idea when you are sitting with your friends, but on a date, this is totally a deal breaker. Women would simply strike you out of their list.

How to overcome this behavior: if you are one of those guys, then you must change yourself, because hating the entire gender based on some bad experience is not what women want. You must start exploring the good things, or you might end up with women who will just hate herself for the rest of her life.

6. The self-righteous guy

Well, this guy is all about being judgmental. He might not drink or smoke, but at the same time, he won’t hesitate while preaching women about what is wrong and what’s not.

Why it’s so annoying for women: well, nobody wants to be judged on the first date. She will just find it too annoying.

How to overcome this behavior: if you are a preacher, then you can control your woman a little, once you are in a relationship, but before that you must give her the space she deserves.

5. The Arguer

This guy is all about starting a debate in all the topics he talks. He will not give up until and unless he wins the argument. For him, it’s just a debate class, and he never wants to lose.

Why it’s so annoying for women: women are going for a date, because they want a peaceful time with a man, not for some debate competition. They will always be defensive, and they will never enjoy the company of such a man.

How to overcome this behavior: well, you should relax, and make a list of those points, which you are about to discuss with your date, otherwise you might end up debating with your date. Most of the guys with arguing issues are too nervous and that’s the basic reason for arguing, because they don’t have enough topics to talk about.

4. The Cheap Guy

This guy will always end up talking about how they should manage their budget, and staying tight on their money will make them a millionaire. Ordering the cheapest wine on the menu and saying to no to flowers, is generally what this type of guy does.

Why it’s so annoying for women: women are definitely not looking to spend with someone, who is constantly making them feel as if they are out of money. Women like to spend time with a guy who is not so worried about the money. Being cheap from the first date is simply a no-no for women.

How to overcome this behavior: well, you will have to get your budget higher than what you expected. This is a date not a shop, where you can save money on bigger purchase. So try to get enough cash for a smooth-flowing date time.

3. The boorish guy

If you are going to brag about how many women you have scored, and how you check out women on street, then you are definitely a boorish guy. This guy will never respect women, and make them feel as another treasure hunt.

Why it’s so annoying for women: women are never going to date a man who constantly flirts with the waitress, just to prove that he is better than others. If you continue this behavior, then she is going to be the first one on your list to hate you.

How to overcome this behavior: start respecting women, and learn to show that respect in front of them. Make them feel special not because you want to score with them, but for that fact that they are not just trophies waiting to be won.

2. The Arrogant Guy

This guy is full of arrogance and ego. All those who are beneath him will be treated with rudeness. He might not be rude with the women he is dating, but he will not be the same with others around him.

Why it’s so annoying for women: a woman is always attentive on a date, so she will instantly catch your arrogance towards other people. She would never like to spend time with someone, who might show the possibility of being rude with her at some point of life. Women like men who are gentle and soft spoken with others too.

How to overcome this behavior: if you can’t overcome your ego, then you must at least try to hide it in front of you date, because she is not so dumb to ignore your arrogance.

1. The predictable guy

This guy is the perfect rule-book follower. He will never do anything which is not there is the general dating guideline. He is never going to surprise a woman with anything creative.

Why it’s so annoying for women: women are always looking for something special and creative. They know about the general moves a man can think off, so they want something different and out-of-box. If you are too predictable, then your date will simply get bored to death.

How to overcome this behavior: well, you can always get new ideas from internet, or you can ask your friends for some dating tips. Mix up things and surprise her. Call her when she is never going to expect a call from you and ask her out. If you want to get things moving, then you must learn to surprise a woman.


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