Xmeeting-com.com: Top 16 Signs You Are Headed For Divorce

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Divorce is one of the hardest experiences by any couple and can leave each partner wondering why it occurred. However, there are earlier signs that show the marriage could be headed for worse.


Alcoholism, gambling or Internet addiction will make unavailable the time needed for valuable company with your partner. Soon, your partner could also have no option than finding comfort elsewhere.


While your company needs much attention, it should be not at the expense of the marriage. It tells your partner how less important they are.


 It is acceptable for anyone to experience a few days of sadness on abnormalities happening in any relationship. However, several weeks of unresolved low mood, emotional reactions and lack of interest by your partner could signify pressing issues that require attention. Months and years of unending conflicts can make the situation worse for those already in depression.  Depression might not allow couples to reach an understanding at all.           

Lack of communication

While it is normal for couples to have differences of opinion, such must not generate unending quarrels and fights. If they do, it might be the beginning of a bitter end since on a normal day, it should be the desire of any partner to end a minor conflict and proceed with a healthy relationship.  This is done by talking and listening to your partner. Your partner might feel that you have secretly resolved to end the relationship if unwilling to resolve conflicts through reaching a mutual understanding.   

Looking for perfection

We all agree that we will try to measure up. Not acceptable when someone is always criticizing you for not doing everything right. You might be a perfectionist, but requiring others to be always perfect simply makes people avoid you.    

Fault finding

It is normal to correct a partner when something’s not right, but how about someone who devotes in spotting mistakes you make? Well! Psychologists argue that the person may be trying to feel superior by putting you down, or has just found a way of hiding his/her mistakes by highlighting yours. Usually, couples commit to a long term relationship by finding truth, which includes everyone accepting their mistakes and feeling equal to the other.     

Someone is catching up with Ex

It will finally be the cause you separate, whether or not it is explained by lack of affection in the current relationship. It might also signify existence of unattended needs and poor care by the other partner and that the partner is unwilling to resolve it.

No time for your partner

You will need to have lone time for your partner and thus inviting other people all the time in your house should be unacceptable. Your partner might be feeling your absence and will soon no longer find it exciting to spend time with you too.

Someone is playing a host

You need nature marriage as a two-way street where everyone is needed to give equal contribution. Someone might feel unwanted if their input is not accepted all the time.    

All chores are left out for you

Your partner, who has been collaborative, always spends time in front of the TV instead of helping with the chores.

Keeping phone secrets?

Trusting that your partner will take care of himself or herself is an essential in every normal relationship. However, overly phone secrets will leave your partner thinking it as a sign of having an extra marital affair. An example is being extra sensitive and secure with your mobile phone. They might feel that you are committed to building other relationships besides this one.  

No passion

Renewed relationships bring the passion and energy for partners to do even the dumbest things of all together. Years of arguments and boring experiences make people desire other things than spending time together.  

Extra marital affairs

Usually, quarrels can make you temporarily separate, but reasonable couples should come back after a while. If your partner is having sex with other people, it is a sign that she has decided to withdrawal intimately and is unwilling to resolve the problem. Building other relationships will pull hime ro her further away than bring them closer.

Trying too hard

Do not think people will be happy when you give up everything for them! You too should take good care of yourself, since the partner needs to see you do well and healthy.  

Financial problems

Well! Unfortunately, love won’t pay bills at all. Consistent financial problems will signify underlying problems in spending and decision making if incomes remain. It may signify that the partner is spending more on others than you. Recurring financial problems means your needs and those of the partner or children won’t be realized. For partners who have lost a job, financial problems lead to stress and depression, meaning the cycle goes back to No. 1 reason.

Too controlling

Leadership, we all agree is different from controlling others. If you are doing it all the time, it leaves others psychologically wanting for more freedom and they might soon withdraw.  


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