The Hurdles in Your Relationship

Being in love is hard ; it's all about giving and understanding. All those little things you have to do to please her ; taking out the garbage, washing the dishes , doing laundry, repair the faucet and  plus going to work every day. How extenuating !

Relationships aren't as we see them in movies. It isn't always ''lovey dovey'' . In fact, most of the time it isn't. It's fights at 10 PM at night about who is going to take the dog out because both of you are too tired. It's bickering about a 12.00$ drink you bought at the bar that you couldn't afford but really wanted. It's about using the dryer at peak times and getting the Hydro bill that goes with it.

In 2016, it is very rare to couples that have spent more than a decade together. Doesn't it seem like a awfully long time anyways ? Thinking about stress, money issues , kids, the job ,the house, it gives me jitters just to think about it. It's hard enough getting through it alone, can you imagine with someone that may question your judgement or that brings their own baggage with them ?

This is why our new generation cannot hold a relationship. We are all going to have hard times and they are going to last more than 2-3 days ; they may last a few months and even a year. The euphoria and the passion will fade but it's certainly no reason to give up.

We have to find the things worth fighting for like the late night cuddles while talking like two teenage girls, finding the time in your crazy schedule to grab a bite at your favorite restaurant, the breakfast your girlfriend makes for you every Saturday.

Let's follow the example of our elders and push through our quarrels ; communicate and recognize the problems or crisis before us. The two of you are stronger than only one and together you can face anything that comes your way. Hand in hand, one step at a time, let's live the journey that we call "love".


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