Heritage Canada rallies public to save our Lighthouses

Fisgard Lighthouse from Canada's History on Vimeo.


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From east to west to north and in between, the structures that dot Canada’s vast coastline are in trouble of falling into neglect and disrepair.

In May, 2008, the government passed the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act in an effort to protect Canada’s historic lighthouses. The Act created a process for nominating and selecting federally-owned lighthouses for heritage designation, as well as standards for appropriate maintenance and preservation.

However, in June, 2010, Fisheries and Oceans Canada declared almost 1,000 of its lighthouses to be surplus. Anyone wishing to nominate a surplus lighthouse for designation under the Act, must also commit to taking ownership of the lighthouse.

Some communities have stepped up to nominate lighthouses for designation, but many simply can’t afford the upkeep and maintenance costs that would come with ownership.

With the two-year nomination process set to end in May, 2012, many of Canada’s lighthouses still face an uncertain future. Heritage Canada Foundation has recently launched a campaign to raise awareness and urge the government to offer more support to local groups wishing to designate a lighthouse.

Internet site reference: http://www.canadashistory.ca/Community/Causes-to-Support/Articles/Save-Canada-s-Lighthouses.aspx


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