Why Self-Publishing in Ottawa is Better than Amazon’s KDP

We live in a modern age where almost everything can be done digitally and this includes publishing. Technology has made it possible for independent authors to publish and sell on digital platforms such as Amazon’s KDP formerly more known as CreateSpace.  Amazon’s service has a lot of authors who reportedly earn less than $100 per year on the average, and are mostly dissatisfied with their writing income.

Derek Murphy, a book designer, independent author and marketing guru, says about the poor number of sales made on CreateSpace, “The vast majority of books sell less than ten copies. $100 a year, is a good guess, but if that is “average”, consider that 50% of the books published don’t even make that much.” So if this is the case, why are so many aspiring authors trooping to amazon?

As reported by Issue Wire, numerous writers have had success spells as authors in their careers resulting from the kinds of decisions made as regards to publication of their books. While most authors aspiring to be self-published overlook this part, it is the most crucial part of getting their books published, and that can only be done if the right publishing option is chosen.

Picking the wrong choice of what organization to help you with publishing can cause serious set-back for your book and overall career. But for writers in Ottawa, this should not be the case as there is Agora Publishing, a self-publishing company, with a reputation of launching the careers of successful authors.

Unlike what was obtainable on CreateSpace, Agora Publishing is offering local writers in Ottawa a lot more personalized customer service that will allow the enquiries of the authors to be adequately treated. This company has 20 years of experience to itsname, and is led by a group of renowned writers who understand the basics of what every writer needs.

If you want to ensure that your self-published book earns good income, then publish with a company that will make sure that your book possesses the same multi-million dollar look of a successful book produced by a corporate trade publisher.

Is there an old manuscript you have and you think has the potential of being a full-blown success? Or do you wish to extend social awareness through your research? AgoraPublishing wouldhelp you produce a brilliantbook.

It is common for independent authors to assume that Amazon’s Create Space is their ticket to becoming the best-selling renowned author, but this is far from the truth. Truly, they provide authors with free publishing tools such as formatting templates, a cover creator, an online preview that gives you a feel of what your book will look like once it undergoes publishing and has been PDF proofed.

But AgoraPublishing gives what the independent authors really need. They provide professionals who will edit, proofread and design an attractive cover, market and also promote the book. That is the importance of hiring professionals who will make your book worthwhile for readers.  AgoraPublishing succeeds where Create Space has not.


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