Social Media: The Three Secrets To Self-Publishing Sales

Social media is the first place people turn to when they want to market their self-published book. And like it or not, as a writer, there is no way to get around it. Even if you have a publisher, they will demand that you get on various social media platforms to promote your new work. This can include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and any other social media platforms that are popular at the moment.

This is because as a successful author, you have to be popular on social media. And if you are popular on social media, people will buy your self-published book.

But how do you do it?

There are three ways to reach out to people on social media so that they will respond and buy your self-published book, and it’s very simple.

1. Talk in your real voice.

You probably already have a blog, but are you honestly talking in your real voice? Or are you just saying what you think people want to hear?

Think about it. When you go browsing on the internet as a consumer, you know that you can view the real opinions of anyone out there. But where is your opinion and your authentic voice? If you don’t express it in a blog, chances are someone else will. So, step one to becoming a bestselling self-published author is to start expressing yourself for real- and real people will respond. Then you can start a dialogue that will inspire you as a writer - and give you enough feedback to market your book to the people who will buy it.

And as a self-published author, you know the frustration of doing it all on your own. Resources like are the best places to go when you are trying to write and publish at the same time. You should never compromise your writing because you can’t figure out the technical and marketing end of publishing.

2. Use pictures to sell you message

A picture says a thousand words. It’s a very old cliché, but as a writer, you may think that social media websites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are your enemy. On the surface, it looks like these social media platforms rely on photos and memes to relay a message that goes out to a public who enjoys the basest form of entertainment. But this isn’t true. As an author, these are some of the best places to communicate with the reading public. Because when you combine your own original text with some impactful images, you become a great storyteller. And this is what everyone is looking for in a self-published book.

3. Communicate every day

Being on social media every day is a wearing process. But when it comes to being a successfully self-published author, your fans will always want more. And you have to give it to them on social media. Every day. So you will have to keep a presence on your social media accounts on a daily basis so that your readers know that you are still around and ready to give them new content.

As a writer, you may have thought that you could just self-publish a really well-written book (because you are great writer) and it would sell, but these days, in order to be a popular author, you will have to utilize social media in order to be commercially successful.


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