Ottawa Book Expo Invites Exhibitors

Are you frustrated that most author/book festivals in the Ottawa area seem to cater to well-established and famous people like Margaret Atwood and Lee Maracle while numerous other books written by Canadian and other writers get ignored?

If so, you're invited to join our grassroots-oriented author, publisher, bookseller and literary services festival.

The Ottawa Book Expo takes place at beautiful Lansdowne Park on Sunday, October 20, 2019. Participate by becoming an exhibitor.

Ottawa Book Expo organizers invite a diverse range of potential exhibitors to apply.  Applicants include authors, editors, booksellers, librarians, artists and, in addition, representatives of various community organizations and businesses which seek to support Ottawa's cultural vitality.

Are you seeking to apply to become an Exhibitor?  Then check out is sponsored by the Montreal Business Journal, and a variety of other groups.

You can also apply to become a sponsor.


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